.NET Developers Offer The Right Kind Of Solutions That Meet Different Client Requirements

.NET Developers Offer The Right Kind Of Solutions That Meet Different Client Requirements.NET is an environment with languages and libraries. A developer of the .NET platformshould have a solidcomprehension why the platform is very popular and should have a thorough understanding of what the platform is really all about..NET developers could develop the right kind of solutions to meet specific requirements.

Although the platform and .NET development is a very broad one, .NET developers could orientate themselves to all of its sides. A .NET developer builds and designs applications with the use of Microsoft .NET web services development framework. Some of the responsibilities could include providing clear and concise technical documentation. Furthermore, the developer should also be able to serve as an on-call rotation member of a team for supporting the production of web apps, subscriptions processes and services. To become an effective developer, one should be highly motivated, flexible, energetic, organized and detail-oriented.

With .NET development, the following are some of the roles of .NET developers.

  1. Develop and design new applications or maintain applications that are developed on the .Net platform.

  2. Develop a code and supporting documentation

  3. Work with clients to comprehend new requirements and implementing them

  4. Work with a team to develop, test and deploy changes in software

  5. Offer operational support when needed

  6. Work product backlog of bugs and features

  7. Offer input on new architecture and new designs as per requirement

  8. Develop well-tested, scalable and high performance web app

  9. Remain updated on the best practices and new technologies

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A .NET developer should be someone with a professional experience with the .Net platform. He or she should also have at least four to five years experience in developing, designing and deploying web-based apps with ASP.NET 2.0 or above with the use of C#. A good developer of .NET should also have strong database skills, experience with LINQ to SQL or LINQ to Entities, should be someone who is keen on design patterns and should also have ample experience with Code-First development with the use of Entity Framework 4.

Further requirements of a .NET developer include the following:

  1. Must be comfortable with object-oriented programming and must also be comfortable working with n-tier architectures

  2. Should be flexible to change and has the capability to work in a fast-paced environment.

  3. Should understand software testing and the need to provide first-class software

  4. Experience in interacting with clients

  5. Excellent skills in both oral and written communication

  6. Must have experience with Scrum/Agile

  7. In .NET Development experience with WF or Windows Workflow Foundation

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.NET is a wonderful framework and a very powerful one with tons of libraries that let you do many amazing things. The current .NET framework version is 4.0, Unit testing is vital for all developers as well as familiarity with distributed Version Control Systems such as Mercurial or Git. It would also be preferable for developers to check out the latest when it comes to cloud computing, the Windows Azure platform and giving a shot to run a .NET app with Mono on Linux.


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